Underground Air Cooling System

Installing an underground air cooling system is a great way to add a comprehensive and all around temperature control system to any building. Generally this type of system needs to be installed at the beginning of construction because it is put in with the foundation and supporting materials. In some cases, it is possible to install this type of air cooling system in an existing building, but this is only done when a complete renovation is taking place.

Able to provide comfort and an all around controlled environment, an underground air cooling system has many applications, but is gaining popularity in mainstream construction.  The following will help you learn more about the underground air cooling system, and why it is used.

Applications For An Underground Air Cooling System

An underground air cooling system is used in buildings where total control of the temperature is necessary. Buildings that store valuables and items that are highly susceptible to temperature change benefit greatly from this new technology. At the most basic level, in addition to air being pushed into the room via air ducts and venting, coils and air tunnels are placed in the flooring in order to allow air to circulate under the building. Laboratories, gyms, hospitals, museums, and grocers can all benefit from these types of air cooling units.

In most cases you will see underground air cooling systems used:

  • In inground pools and gyms
  • To regulate temperature in research laboratories
  • Food storage warehouses

When To Install an Underground Air Cooling System

An underground air cooling system should be added to any home or building where total temperature control is vital. Recently this system has been used in private homes and buildings,  even when it is not necessary. Bathrooms, general living rooms, and community rooms where people want to have the temperature controlled for comfort are beginning to use the technology more and more often. 

In terms of construction, because of the positioning of this type of unit, it is essential that an underground air cooling system be installed when the foundation and flooring is laid. Other building materials are added on top of the venting, so it is impossible to add after the fact. If renovation is being done and an underground unit will be added to a building, then complete renovation and removal must be completed in order for this to be performed.

What Costs Are Involved in An Underground Air Cooling System?

An underground air cooling system is a very unique, expensive, and high maintenance unit. Both the installation and maintenance of an underground air cooling system is going to cost more than traditional methods of heating a home or building. First, more work and materials are required to install the unit, and there is special training needed to understand how these systems work. Each building needs to have a customized layout and design, depending on the landscape of the surrounding area and how the building is positioned. This is also true for the maintenance and upkeep, which will require the experience of a trained technician.



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