Simple Air Cooling System

A simple air cooling system is also known as a passive air system because cool air is pushed through a building with the use of vents and a simple fan setup.  At its very basic, every air cooling system only requires a fan, a motor and a conduit to direct air into the places that you want to cool. When it is hot outside, everyone wants a cool place to relax in, and a simple air cooling system while minimal, is all you really need to regulate the temperature of a room, home, or large building.

If you are considering the installation of a simple air cooling system, make sure you consider the following.

Is A Simple Air Cooling System For You

Anyone that is trying to decide on the best air cooling system for their building will soon find out that there are a lot of different types of units to choose from. Make sure that you consider:

  • the size of your unit
  • the area that you need cooled
  • how often you need to use a cooling system

The most basic of all units is a passive system, or simple air cooling system. This type of unit is very low maintenance, but also the lowest performing of all the available systems that are on the market.

If you have a small area that you need cooled intermittently, then simple air cooling systems are very effective. The larger the space, the more the system needs to work to cool off the larger quantity of air, which will end up costing you more in energy bills. Ideally, a simple air cooling system works well in a space that is smaller, and does not require constant cooling, but is only used occasionally.

Costs of a Simple Air Cooling System

The simple air cooling system that you would use in a home or building is a lot more budget friendly than larger units. However, it is important to consider the area of the space you will be using this type of system in because in some cases a simple, passive flow of air will not be sufficient to cool at a regular rate. In this instance, you may end up spending more to put one of these cooling systems in place and having to use additional means to cool the room than it would cost to put a larger, more effective unit in.

How to Maintain a Simple Air Cooling System

On account of the simple air cooling system being simple, there is not a lot of maintenance involved compared to other high tech units with computer boards and miscellaneous parts. Consisting of a motor, fan, and venting, each of these parts requires basic upkeep, cleaning, and replacement when pieces become worn out.

The fan and motor should be kept free of debris and dust, and regular cleaning for both of these mechanisms is vital to overall performance. Vents that are used to deliver air to different areas of a building need to be regularly maintained and cleaned out.




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