Air Cooling System Reviews

BMW R1200GS Air Cooling System

The next generation BMW R1200GS uses a new air cooling system as part of its new design, which also includes major changes in its chassis and overall styling. One can easily determine that this sleek motorbike uses liquid cooling system as you can immediately see its major components. For instance, the exhaust port can now be prominently seen on the lower portion of the motor. This is a clear indication that this BMW motorbike uses a liquid cooling system as the exhaust valves can get excessively hot when it is placed at the base portion of the motor in an air cooling system.

The exhaust valve is positioned out front for maximum airflow. The radiator fan of the air cooling system can also be seen through one of the motorbike’s ducts. However, the water pump of this BMW motorbike is not visible. In addition to this, the hosing is discretely tucked away. Traditionally, air cooling system primarily boosts engine power. The air cooling system maintains the operating temperature of the engine. It prevents overheating when the engine is operating at higher revolutions.  

Porsche 911 Air Cooling System

It was only during the latter part of the 1970s that Porsche ventured into water-cooled engine air cooling systems. It was during this time when the term “Water Pumper” was coined to describe Porsche 911. Front-engine Porsche models like the 924, 928 and 944 had made a certain degree of headway, although none of them was able to duplicate the stature that was achieved by Porsche 911.

This water-cooled Porsche model was received with a lot of reservations by the air-cooled enthusiasts and quite a number of individuals have registered their reservations about the change in the air cooling system of this Porsche model. After all, the successful models of Porsche prior to the launch of the 911 were all outfitted with engine air cooling systems. However, the brains behind this Porsche model attribute its success to the revolutionary design concept of its air cooling system. And when the Porsche 995 hit the road in 2005, even the hardcore believers of the engine air cooling system of earlier Porsche models had to agree that this new breed of race cars are big winners.  

Yamaha XJR1300

After the phase out of the Kawasaki ZRX1200 and Suzuki GSX1400, big-bore lovers were left with limited choices when it comes to motorbikes with air-cooled type of air cooling systems. In response to the stricter regulations of gas emissions, it comes as great news the launch of Yamaha XJR1300.

This is the only remaining power bike in the big-bore four range. Aside from some minor modifications in the displacement and fuel injection system, this 2-wheeled racer still features the same air cooling system that made this Yamaha range so popular among the big-bore four lovers. Its distinctive features include the sleek cooling fins of its air cooling system and the outsized crankcase that evokes the old school style. With the unique design of its air cooling system, this 2-wheel racer comes with a fully-exposed 1251 cc air-cooled engine.



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