Forced Air Heating And Cooling System

The problem with the temperature in your home is that you can never seem to keep it just right for the season you are in. In the winter it always seems to be too cold, in summer it always seems to be too hot. People often end up with two different mediums for dealing with these heat extremes, such as a furnace for winter and air conditioner for summer. Dealing with it this way can be costly when it comes to running the two machines, maintaining them and powering them. Thankfully systems such as forced air heating and cooling system exist which can do both hot and cold air.

What is forced air?

A forced air system uses a mechanism for controlling (changing) the temperature of the air, otherwise known as a thermostat. The system will generally use some sort of ductwork, whether it be in the floor, ceiling and the walls which is then used to deliver the air from the heating and cooling system. Some of these ducts are designed to return the air at the required temperatures whilst others are designed to take air in for heating/cooling. The thermostat is used to control the level of heat/cold and this directs the actual heating and cooling machines to do the work when required, or hold off when optimum temperature is reached.

What are the types of forced air heating and cooling systems?

There are several types of forced air heating and cooling systems available for you to choose from. Only one will best suit you, the area you live in along with the type of house you live in.

  • Natural gas or oil based system – Is more costly and can only heat the air, which means another cooling system is required.
  • Electric system – Can both heat and cool air. Can be switched off when optimum temperature of air is reached and back on when required. Not like conventional methods such as gas which always needs to be running, and is harder to control.
  • Heat Pump - Can heat and cool air and will use either electricity or gas. The system draws air from outside to cool or heat and is often said to be the most economical way to heat your home.

The Good and Bad on forced air heating and cooling systems

There are many advantages and some disadvantages to using a forced air heating and cooling system. You need to consider what is right for you and your household, however for those who require both cooling in summer and heating in winter, this is often the best choice for you.

The good news is that forced air systems can either be setup to work in the rooms of your choosing or your entire house. They are great if you want to control the temperature via a thermostat, and can adjust to your requirements fairly quickly. They are less expensive than conventional systems and will never leak water and cause damage to your house.

The bad news is that you need to get someone to install the system as it is not easy to get right and very old houses may have trouble getting the system installed.



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